Case 1: This rather complex case shows multiple defects to be corrected in this child.


Cast Before
Alignment Before
Cast: severe overbite and crowding Alignment before intervention
Appliance in Place Alignment After
Appliances in place for 1 month Removal of appliances after 18 months



Case 2: Sectional orthodontics refers to a quick, smaller scale intervention, as shown in this adult case.


Gap Before 4 Brackets
Prominent gap before intervention Placement of only 4 brackets
Gap After Removal Gap
Status of our patient after 1 month Removal of appliances after 3 months



Case 3: Here is a case showing repair of a severe underbite in a child.


Underbite Before Underbite After
Profile showing protruding lower jaw Improved profile after 15 months
Anterior Before Anterior After
Pre-treatment underbite Our orthodontic treatment result
Tilt Before Tilt After
Severely misaligned bottom molars Correction of underbite without surgery


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