Dental Implants

Case 1: This basic case restores a single missing tooth.

Before Implant
Single Implant Placed
Single Implant
(1) Pre-treatment: dead tooth (3) Implant placed after healing (5) Crown made on top of abutment
Tooth Implant Bridge Abutment Inserted Total Implant Bridge
(2) Hopeless tooth extracted (4) Abutment inserted into implant (6) Final appearance in mouth



Case 2: Multiple missing teeth are restored by implants. Orthodontics are first used to align the teeth properly. Dentures over the implants are used to replace the missing teeth.

Braces Before Implants
Braces Implants Placed
Braces Implant After
Braces around missing teeth Implants placed after orthodontics Implant-supported fixed dentures



Case 3: An implant replaces a missing tooth and treats a super-erupted tooth.

Super-eruption Before
Super-eruption After
Molar (top) has super-erupted due to missing opposing tooth (bottom) Super-erupted molar intruded after implant placed


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