Gum Graft

Case 1: This shows a soft tissue graft to correct a gum defect.


Gum Defect Before
Gum Defect After
Initial distorted gums with tissue defect Corrected appearance 5 days after graft
Gum Harvest Gum Healing
Graft harvest site (roof of mouth) Site will continue to heal fully



Case 2: Gum grafts are also important tools to cover exposed tooth roots.


Exposed Root
Receded gumline has left dangerously exposed tooth root
Graft Donor Graft Take
Graft donor site after 1 week Graft takes at 1 week
Donor Site Healed Graft After
Donor site healed at 2 weeks Final appearance after 2 weeks



Case 3: Here is a case showing repairing one (on the left) out of multiple exposed roots. The other root (the one on the right) was repaired later.


Exposed Roots Before Exposed Roots After
2 severely exposed tooth roots Exposure repaired by gum graft


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