The face is the frame for one’s teeth, which makes surrounding wrinkles like an unsightly frame around otherwise well kept or restored teeth. Botulinum tox A (Botox®) is an important tool in correcting problems with the ”frame” around the teeth. Dr Lee offers a variety of solutions, including but not limited to the examples below.

Botulinum can also be used as therapy for disorders involving excessive jaw tension, teeth clenching, facial muscle spasms, and TMJ problems. See case 4 below.

Case 1: Correcting forehead wrinkles gives a more youthful appearance.

Forehead Before
Forehead After
Heavy forehead wrinkles Freckles remain, but not wrinkles



Case 2: Correcting glabellar wrinkles removes the angry, scowling look.

Glabella Before
Glabella After
Severe glabellar wrinkles Younger, more relaxed appearance



Case 3: Botulinum injection can reduce excessive upper lip movement that causes a gummy smile.

Smile Before
Smile After
Smile shows too much of the upper gums Corrected smile shows normal proportion of gums



Case 4: Large jowls causing the “chipmunk face” can be reduced in size. Because the jaw muscles have built up substantially over time, this correction will require larger doses of injected botulinum for a successful outcome.

Chipmunk Before
Chipmunk After
Prominent chipmunk face Corrected jaw muscle size and appearance


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